Types of water tanks in use

Water tanks are very essential everywhere because storage of water is very necessary. Waters are mainly stored in water tanks and one can get to see a variety of tanks these days which have different kind if applications.

One can use Sintex tanks or poly tanks in order to store water but before going for water tanks, one needs to know the varieties of tanks that are available these days.

Vertical tanks

They are the most common type of water tanks when one comes to think about it. They are general water tanks and so one can use them for a lot of applications. These tanks are mostly limited to the above ground applications and they can never be buried. If they are, then the walls will be collapsed. But they can be placed in underground chambers like concrete or bricked walls. They are majorly used in rain water harvesting system and the vertical chemical tanks are also very popular when it comes to agricultural and industrial applications. These tanks can be easily installed on a level base, which should be firm. They have the widest range of capacities as well.

Horizontal tanks

These tanks are also commonly known as the transporter tanks and they can be easily used for mobile storage of water. These tanks can easily hold 5000 litres of water. They can also be fixed temporarily on the back of pickups like trailers and trucks. The designs of these water tanks are so that they can be easily filled from the top as well as the flat base. The major use of these tanks is, they are used to transport water to the rural area, to transport sites, for fire fighting purposes and many others. In fact, there are heavy duty horizontal tanks are also available which are mainly used for transporting chemicals, fuel and hazardous waste. Sometimes, horizontal tanks are also used for some stationary applications like if some low water storage is required to fit under a building structure or some other similar purposes. These tanks are not supposed to be buried because they are never designed to withstand any kind of external pressure.

Underground tanks

As the name says, these tanks are specially designed so that they can be easily buried and they can very easily withstand the underground pressure. These tanks are mainly used for water storage and septic tank applications. Sometimes, certain chemicals and some hazardous wastes are also stored in the underground tanks. These tanks have a few advantages. They are always hidden from a blank view and they are also safe from the environmental conditions. But the underground tanks are always needed to be installed properly so that there should be no issues later on.

Silo tanks

They are also known as the conical tanks and they also have a number of applications. They are mainly used for agricultural applications and in order to store feedstuffs and certain chemicals.

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